It’s officially official! I have a home for next year!!!! The confirmation from the Housing Department came today! (finally)

142 Hamilton Hall is all mine for the fall, and when Erica comes back from studying abroad in Luxembourg, she moves in with me for the spring semester.

I am beyond excited. The location alone is fantastic - my education dept. building is right across the street with 90% of my classes in it for my sophomore year, there is a dining hall IN my building so I won’t even need to step outside for food during bad weather (it has a little market too!), a lot of my friends are living on Central Quad right around my dorm, and it’s a convenient distance to Uptown. Not to mention, the building is gorgeous, with all its vintage decoration.  It’s precious. There’s a parking lot right across the street for when people come to visit, I’m on the first floor so my leg won’t go crazy with all the steps on a daily basis, and the view from our window looks out over the pretty quad. 

My last hope is that there are nice, normal girls who are more similar to me living in the rooms surrounding mine. With Erica gone for the entire first semester, I won’t have any really close friends in my dorm. Time for Samantha to be social, I suppose.